As a result of the 2018 Govt Shutdown (that to be truthful began in mid-2017), then followed by COVID with no recovery in between may businesses and small business entities in particular have been trying to manage on fumes.

Tax Exempt small businesses are no different.

Over the last 2 years deliberately, The Learners Lab Foundation has been quietly transitioning from a solo operated fiscal sponsorship & workforce training charity into a national economic development enterprise. Its Stakeholders always has been tax exempt startups, an IGNORED segment of the small business community, but we have expanded our efforts to include 501c entrepreneurs and young tax exempt small businesses, particuarly those who are similarly stuck in startup mode or time warped in stagnet non-progression.

The Learners Lab Foundation is relentlessly building an empowerment infrastructure of organizations, programs and services to facilitate self sufficiency for tax exempt small businesses from idea stage forward.

The Academic Partnership Program is part of The Learners Lab Foundation’s Charitable Workforce Training Incubator. API operates within The Foundation’s Executive Management Fellowship Academy.



The Learners Lab Foundation received its letter of determination granting its tax exempt status under IRS Code 501(c)3 in February 2015. Donors enjoy a 50% tax credit for their contribution. Foundation was appended to the name in June 2017 to reflect the original IRS 509(a)2 Sub Charter designation as a Public Charitable Foundation. The Learners Lab Foundation is the charitable operations of The Competence Group, LLC., Tax ID 52-1963151.

Tax ID 45-5222602 * NTEE S30, S43 * SAM-UEI XJL3NFA3YLQ1 * SIC: 8748 * NAICS 926110, 541618 * CAGE/NCAGE: 81PP3 * DUNS 080531844