The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF) is a national charitable foundation focused on elevating under-served & ignored member of the labor pool and business community. The Foundation is relentless in its effort to connect workers up and down the org chart with job training resources and tax exempt startups/entrepreneurs with ALL the resources, visibility and assets they require in order to do and sustain their work. The Foundation is open access charity and plans to assure its resources, programs, products and services are reproduced in as many languages as their is a demand for.

The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF) is home an endless portfolio of innovations including:

  • The VPL™, a multilingual, open access “Virtual Private Training Library & Software Lab” of job training products and business software applications, it is the driving initiative for our Charitable Workforce Training Program (CWT)., and the foundation with which all our other programs and initiatives are based.
  • InfoXchange™ …A 501c Resource Depot & Information Newswire Service introduces 501c Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs to the open market and serves a procurement mechanism, news & resource depot to both the business and general community! peep for a snapshot of what’s to come. InfoX is the lead program for our part of 501c Economic Development Enterprise, and
  • The Fellowship Academy @ The Learners Lab Foundation™ the Foundation’s multifaceted institution that marries academics with professional development thru a series of learning innovations including a unique body of hands-on Management Fellowship Programs, our Multi-Disciplined Senior Executive Doctoral Program, and High Dollar Career-Specific Job Training programs. The Fellowship Academy is both the link between and a cross-support of our CWP & 501c Economic Develop efforts.

The Academic Partnership Program is part of TLLFs Charitable Workforce Training Program and operates within the Executive Management Fellowship Academy.

The Learners Lab Foundation received its letter of determination granting its tax exempt status under IRS Code 501(c)3 in February 2015, for whom donors will enjoy a 50% tax credit for their contribution. Foundation was appended to its name in June 2017 to reflect its original 509(a)2 Sub Charter designation from the IRS as a Public Charitable Foundation.

Our mission is our vision and our vision is simple:
… to establish connections to denied, hard to obtain resources or create them as completely as is possible when connections are not possible. We prefer to accomplish this thru partnerships, but will get it done without them.

Tax ID: 45-5222602 | DUNS: 080531844 | CAGE: 81PP3
SIC: 8748 | NAICS: 541618, 541690, 611430, 541611