The Learners Lab Foundation is excited to announce its inaugural Student Internship Program, we are calling it The Academic Partnership Initiative (API). Feel free to share this news with colleagues or forward to an interested party.


The Academic Partnership Initiative is a relationship whereby The Learners Lab Foundation Partners with Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs), Minority Serving Institutions (MSI), Community Colleges (CC)s and the Computer Science Programs (CSP)s of Vocational Education Institutions here in the US to offer year-long Internships for their technology students enrolled in the Schools of Technology.

Institutions will be selected by a Invitation-Only August thru September, with the API Program Cycle running from September — June. Each Institutions API Program must start no later than the month October of each year.

Letters of Invitation’s (LOI), which includes an Acceptance Letter, are sent during August offering an HBCU, MSI, Community College or Vocational Educational Institution the opportunity to participate. The registration process begins in September and includes a nominal registration fee.

The API Program Commences in three phases:

1) Registration of Participating Institutions,

2) Registration of Student Interns, and

3) Introductory Meetings between The Foundation, its Web/Product Development Premier Partner who is the API Student Mentor and the Program Cycles Official Kick-Off.


API Interns (Student Interns) will function as Web/Product Development Interns & Technology Engineers Interns. The work undertake will produce or support high-visibility products for both The Foundation Enterprise and all the members of its 501c Economic Development Stakeholders markets — 501c startups, tax exempt entrepreneurs, Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees, as well as general Stakeholders such as TASC Business Clients with On-Demand Production Requests (ODPR). Visit our main websites at to learn more about The Foundation, it’s focus areas, or newly established Enterprise Organizations, and the many service, programmatic, product and gap-filling innovations we are developing, planning and working to get underway.


API Interns will be co-mentored by a Web/Product Development Firm selected as The Foundations Premier Web/Product Development Partner. And as ALL Foundation Enterprise roles begin as Interim, Intern-to-Volunteer, Student Interns will be welcome to transition into a part role within The Foundation’s Family of Organizations


The Foundation’s Procurement models government registration process is unique to reflect the nature of the work it does and the stakeholders The Foundation will engage.

The Learners Lab Foundation is not a typical foundation in size, mission or operations. TLLF is an enterprise of organizations focused on gap-filling solutions established to serve two Stakeholder Markets (SM): (a) un/underemployed segment of the labor pool, and (b) 501c startups, entrepreneurs & young/small business entities.

Because The Foundation serves in the public good, it is open access but heavily focused on the above Stakeholder Markets as they are typically denied or placed out of reach of the essential resources they require.

As such, The Foundation’s Procurement practices mirrors on a smaller scale the “federal government procurement system” which is lead by The General Services Administration (GSA).

The Foundation’s Procurement is an Open Market System, part of which includes CunNect, our Master Business Directory System of Business Directories on each of our website products. Both are designed to encourage Stakeholder-to-Business and Business-to-Businesses opportunities as well as Business-to-Stakeholder opportunity which as a business is your primary goal. The Foundation wants business to occur Among, Between & Because of ALL its Relationships. A true Win-win.


The Premier Web/Product Development Partners RFP is an ongoing Solicitation open until all the desired Premier Partners have been committed. It’s currently being updated to include new programs and Enterprise Organizations and will be available again shortly. The Foundation will retain up to 3 Premier Web/Product Development Partners.

To Register to do business with The Foundation as a Vendor Partner, we have an Open Request for Applications (oRFA) which puts you in the procurement system pool of preferred vendors. the oRFA is the only source for which procurement needs will be met. The oRFA is also being updated to include new programs, services, and our new Enterprise Organizations. Please check back here, on our main site or on a soon to be launched marketing and announcement site, https://EarlyBirdRegistration.Discount for the 2021 oRFA and other time sensitive news.

Meantime, we are very excited about this new Internship Program and can’t wait to get started. If you would like your Institution to be considered, feel free to email the API Program Administrator at to be included on the API Program Participants Wait List.



We would love to partner with anyone interested in supporting this new program and hope you and Thank You In Advance for Considering Sponsoring the API Program, or a Specific Training Discipline within the Program

Connect with us today at to share your ideas.

Thanks again, take care, and stay safe.

The Learners Lab Foundation Enterprise