The Learners Lab Foundation is excited to announce its inaugural Student Internship Program, we are calling it The Academic Partnership Initiative (API). Feel free to share this news with colleagues or forward to an interested party.

API has been on hiatus due to COVID. It is being modified in order to facilitate a relaunch for the Fall 2022 Academic Term AND to include an additional discipline as part of Student Intern Learning.


The Academic Partnership Initiative is a program in which The Learners Lab Foundation invites an US Academic Institution to Partner with it for year-long Internships. API originally focused on Students enrolled in the Schools of Technology but we are expanding API to include Schools of Communication and specifically Podcasting. The Foundation will be offering Partnerships to:

** small Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs)
** small Minority Serving Institutions (MSI)
** small Community Colleges (CC), and
** small Vocational Education Institutions (VocEds)

Institutions are selected by a Invitation-Only and will be contacted directly. Following the initial outreach offering, discussion about participation requirements, and where required, Approval by the Board, the formal Letters of Invitation (LOI), which includes an Acceptance Letter and Registration Package, is sent to the Institutional Partner. The Registration Process must be completed no later than mid-October with the API Program Cycle is scheduled to beginning in the Fall and conclude during Graduation Season. The API Program Cycle must begin no later than the end of October. Should the Institutional Partner desire to Renew their Program Cycle, they must notify The Foundation no later than March, ahead of Spring Break season.



Please bear with us as we are complete the process of finalizing API and incorporating the Podcasting Communications Internship.

Meantime, feel free to visit our main websites at to learn more about The Foundation and focus areas. More information on the National Chamber of Tax-Exempt Small Businesses is coming, information on its sister entity, Association of Tax Exempt Startups & Entrepreneurs is already available.



We would love to hear from you. Thank You In Advance for considering the API Program. Feel free to reach out to to share your ideas.

Thanks again, take care, and stay safe.

The Learners Lab Foundation Enterprise